September 24, 2022
How to Pick a Winning Slot Machine

Which slot machines should I pick to have a consistent winning rate at me88?

Which slot machines should I pick to have a consistent winning rate at me88?

So you are having a bad day, your luck is not on your side and you lost some money, don’t worry, it happens. No one can win forever, and it is how you deal with your failure and how you stand back up that matters. If you keep yourself motivated, the day the cash starts rolling in will come, it is inevitable, provided that you are insistent and stay focused. Contrary to popular belief, winning is not hard at all. If it is difficult, the player base of slot games would not be as massive as it is today, it is addictive because winning is always an arm’s reach away, you just need to know what you are doing. For the people that are on the verge of giving up, we are here to help. We have compiled a list of useful guides that, although will not guarantee victory, but will somewhat improve your situation. The winning strategy, in its bare essence, all boils down to what slot games you choose, here are some tricks on choosing a slot machine that might provide you a consistent win rate.


Choosing based on payouts

Payout can be calculated based on Return To Player percentage, or RTP, it is not necessary that the player should calculate RTP themselves, there are numerous online casino blogs and review sites that help in calculating it. The obvious choice here is to choose a slot game that has the highest payout, that way you can gain profit faster. Read up me88 trusted online casino Malaysia on what experts have to say about your favorite slot games, and take their recommendations seriously. If you find that the RTP percentage of the slot game that you are currently grinding with is not profitable, the suggested choice is to drop it and move on immediately. 


Choosing based on risk

Risk is a layman term, the more professional word for it is the volatility of a certain slot game. It is an index number determined by playtime versus profit. A high index number means more profit with less required, in other words a slot game with high volatility, and it is a recommendable feature for a slot game. Either you figure out the risk of a certain slot game yourself by utilizing free credits to do a trial run, or you read up on the opinions of experts. A commonly recommended slot game with this feature is King of Atlantis.


Choose based on brand.

Word on the streets is that branded the slots do not have a high rate of return due to design choices which places profit ahead of customer satisfaction. This statement alone does not necessarily have sufficient data to back it up, and it is only based on our personal opinion after years and years of playing slot games online. However, if you feel like it is indeed a fact, feel free to leave us a feedback so that we can collect more data to help future players.


At the end of the day, you can choose the best slot machine to play, but you will also face moments of failure. To reiterate our advice, the real failure is when you give up. Just keep playing with me88, and the moment for you to shine will be just around the corner. We wish you good luck. 

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