September 24, 2022




Anyone who had just stepped foot into an online casino with no prior experience whatsoever will tell you that it can be a very overwhelming experience, immediately the players are assaulted with all sorts of choices to make and options to choose from. Some find this to be a pleasant experience, but some may find it perplexing. Worry not, we are here to help. For all you beginners out there that had just jumped onto the online scene of gambling, here are the top 10 guides for you to make your experience smoother and more worthwhile.



Legality should always be your first priority. It does not matter if the online casino offers drool inducing prizes and all sorts of attractive games, offers, or promotions, if it shows any signs of suspicious activity, you should be prepared to boot out of there immediately, without hesitation. You can look up accreditation sources to find if the legality of your favorite online casino checks out.



Do not ever let harm come into your way of seeking entertainment, go online and read up on the safety aspects and security measurements of a certain online casino before you decide to sign up. You should always take care not to let your privacy or information be breached, a casino that does not value the security of their customers is not worthy of your money or time at all. 



me88 online casino assert gameplay fairness above gameplay quality, a good game that is not fair at all is a waste of your time. Read up on game reviews to make sure that the games you play are tested by an audience for gameplay fairness assurance.



Online casinos are often ranked by review sites and blogs. The people who review them are experts and veterans of the online casino industry. If an online casino comes with a good rating, you should not have to worry about the quality.



There are days that you are going to win and there are certainly days you are going to lose, always evaluate your risk before you make bets so that days when you are down do not outweigh the days where you are high.



Depositing your money into an online casino should be no hassle at all, choose whether you want to deposit through Credit Card, Wire Transfer or via a Neteller Account and stick with it.


Withdrawal is an easy process, but often takes longer than deposit. There are several ways you can choose to withdraw your money: Cheque, Cheque via courier, Wire Transfer or Neteller Account.



Remember to take multiple breaks in between gaming, gambling is fun but compulsive gambling will not only harm your health, but your relationship with the people around you as well. Don’t bring other people down by being addicted to gaming, remember to seek help from a professional if you suspect that you are becoming a compulsive gambler.



When you are gambling in an online casino, relying on luck alone without a consistent gameplay strategy will be your downfall. Luck can be a two-edged sword, but if your strategizing skills are solid you should have no problem winning. 


Download the online casino app

If you download the app onto your phone you can play any online casino games you want even while outdoors, this is extremely convenient. me88 offer an app or a mobile version of their site on any platform you choose to play on. 


We hope you find this guide helpful. Good luck and have fun! 

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