August 12, 2022



Mega888 has a ton of amazing games and features countless great prizes, it is arguably the biggest platform for unlimited online entertainment all across Asia. For players out there who want to get serious in playing Mega888’s games so that you can start making a significant profit while gaming, here are some tips for you.


Bankroll Management

You should never enter an online casino without proper prior bankroll management. Bankroll management means budgeting and it is important in almost every aspect of our lives, from grocery shopping to planning a vacation. Reckless budgeting or even worse, no budgeting at all, is an open invitation to a disaster, this is the same for online gaming as well. At Mega888, players will have to deposit money and place bets while in game, the player should always be aware of how much they have spent while gaming at the online casino to prevent themselves from going over budget. To learn more about how to deposit money in me88, click me88 online casino. It is crucial that the player perform bankroll management before the gaming session begins, not during or after. When you are gaming, it is easy  to get caught up in the moment and manage your bankroll carelessly, for example, when you are on a winning streak you would predict that you are going to win even more money in the future, so you start placing bets without thinking.



Multitabling is a very useful tool for online gamers especially in single player games such as slot games. Multitabling means that the player will open multiple tabs of the same game at once, so that they can go through the most gameplay repetitions in the least amount of time. It is possible to multi table in live table games but it would require a tremendous amount of effort and is often deemed to be not worth it. Slot games are easy to multi table as the player is only required to push the spin button every now and then, some slot games even allow the auto spin function which makes the job even easier. Multi tabling is allowed in online casinos so there is nothing to worry about.


  1. Focus on the right places

In live table games, it is a key factor that you enter one with the right mindset. A lot of people see live table games as player versus player kind of game, that is actually wrong. In a live table game such as blackjack, the game is actually won by winning against the dealer. So the key of the game is to not get as close to 21 as possible, but in fact, it is to just focus on getting a better hand than the dealer. A player should always master the basics of a card game so that they can boost their own confidence, if your focus is only on winning the money, then you are already fighting a hopeless battle. 


We hope these tips can help you in building your online gaming career. For more tips on winning more money by playing games, check out our other articles or click to learn more about me88. 

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