June 29, 2022
The Best 3 Roulette Strategies

The Best 3 Roulette Strategies at me88

The Best 3 Roulette Strategies at me88

Presented by Roulette Pro Frank Scoblete


Out of every type of games available on both online and real life casinos out there, roulette is that one game that would receive the most votes as the most popular game of them all in me88 online casino. Roulette is amazing, it generates an insane amount of hype, the energy that radiates from a single roulette table surrounded by crowds is enough to make the nose bleed. We love roulette, the thrill, the anticipation, the excitement of the crowd, the cheering and yelling, they are what draws us deep into the game. However, roulette is also one of the hardest games out there to excel in. Sure it is easy to pick up and learn the rules, but to be truly outstanding in the world of roulette where mind games are not involved, and luck plays but a small role? It is a difficult task, and only a countable few players in the world can consider themselves pros in roulette.


One of these pros is called Frank Scoblete. Frank Scoblete is a casino specialist from Bay Bridge, like you, he has a huge passion for casino games. He is also a writer, editor and publisher, and he has published numerous articles and books in the past. Frank Scobelete’s contribution to the casino industry is certainly significant, and his writing offers us much insight into strategizing skills in casino games. Here are the best 3 roulette strategies as presented by roulette pro Frank Scoblete. 


Applying  the Martingale Strategy in Roulette

Martingale strategy is sometimes known as the martingale system, even if you have not heard of this name at this point, it is very likely that you had used it at some point in your gambling career. Martingale system is a gambling method in which the gambler decides they should double down on their bet after a loss due to the belief that they will “win sooner or later.” Martingale Strategy is an inherently flawed decision making tool, and inexperienced gamblers love to abuse it without control, this happens no matter what game they play. While it is mostly useful, it is not entirely efficient as the player is required to place a large amount of bet just to gain a meager amount of profit.


Scobe’s Simple Gun and Run Martingale

Applying the Martingale system in me88 while playing roulette can be extremely beneficial if you combine it with another strategy known as Scobe’s Simple Gun. What you should do here is that you double down on your bet after a loss, but sit out for a few rounds after another loss. This will somewhat dampen your loss without changing the amount of expected profit in a single session of roulette.


Scobe’s Simple Paroli System

The paroli betting system has many names, some people develop nicknames of their own, and sometimes it is called the parley system. The strategy here is that instead of doubling down after a loss, the gambler doubles their bet after a win. This strategy is often adopted by players that believe wins follow wins, and a winning streak will earn the player a huge amount of profit. Of course, it should be obvious that this plan is strategically unsound in the long run, so the general advice here is to only limit using this strategy for not more than 5 rounds of roulette to avoid too much loss.


We hope you find this article helpful, let us know if we had somewhat improved your chances of winning in roulette! 

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