September 24, 2022
100 Essential Online Casino Tips

100 Essential Online Casino Tips at me88

100 Essential Online Casino Tips at me88

If you are here reading this, chances are you have just joined the online casino scene. First off, we would like to extend a warm welcome to you. The online world is an amazing place, you can play any game, at any time and at any place you want in me88 online casino. But the online world can also be a pretty confusing place, the rules are different from a real life casino, so for someone who’s used to gambling offline, or, for new players who had not engaged with gambling culture in anyway, there is a lot to pick up and learn. Do not worry, we are here to help. This article will provide you with 100 essential online casino tips to help you pave your path in building a successful online gambling career. Without further ado, let’s get this started.


Tips to Picking an Online Casino


  1. Pay attention to how an online casino treats their customers, you should always judge an online casino based on how well and fair they treat their patrons.
  2. An online casino can also be defined by how polished their customer service is. A good casino will always take good care of their customers.
  3. Customer service can be defined as how an online casino addresses a customer’s question or solves a customer’s problem. Online casinos should treat every complaint received seriously.
  4. When picking an online casino, one should prioritize other aspects of the online casino such as quality and quantity of games rather than focusing on the bonus offered by the online casino alone.
  5. One way to identify good games is by checking out the sources in which the online casino draws their games from. The general guideline here is to look for respectable, reliable and trustworthy online software providers.
  6. When playing an online game, it should be common knowledge that the user must have a good pc and a stable internet connection in order to have the fullest experience possible.
  7. Stable internet connection means that the player will minimize if not eliminate waiting time all together. It also means that the player will not experience any lag or game crashes whilst gaming.
  8. Remember to check out the mobile site of the online casino if you can. The quality of the mobile site is important as you will find yourself using it alot if you often play online games on the go.
  9. The reliability of an online casino depends on the speed of the deposit and cash out service.
  10. Make sure the online casino which you choose to play with is not blacklisted by the online casino community. This means that they have a bad reputation and provide poor customer service.
  11. Read up on casino reviews to get experts’ opinion on whether an online casino is reliable.
  12. You can also check out an online casino’s license and accreditation to determine their reliability.
  13. Read the terms and conditions listed by the online casino before you decide to register an account with them. There are a lot of hidden rules and restrictions inside.
  14. One important thing to check out in the terms and conditions of the online casino is how they payout progressive jackpots.
  15. Contact the customer service of an online casino and ask them specific questions to measure the quality of the customer service of the online casino.
  16. If you make a complaint with the online casino, be sure to screenshot the conversation to serve as proof in case anything goes wrong.
  17. Do not mistake the lifespan of an online casino with its reliability. Some new casinos provide a better service than old online casinos. 


Poker Game Tips

The best type of poker games for a beginner to pick up are real money pokies with low variance. Examples for such poker games include Starburst and Goldilocks.

The variance of a poker game determines the risk profile of said game. Therefore, a poker game with low variance equates to low risk and high rewards.

Some poker games that real-life casino offers are available online as well. Check them out whenever you can.

It is a common mistake made by a beginner to equate hit frequency with payout percentage while calculating risk for a poker game. It is important to know that they do not correlate with each other.

Online poker is different from real life poker in a way that it relies on random number generators (RNGs) to determine your hand. There is no way to predict what hand you will receive in a game of online poker by simply counting cards.

Poker games generally operate without memory. Meaning that the game does not remember how much you have already bet and how much balance you have left.

Switching casinos will not improve your luck in a poker game whatsoever, as poker games generally run on an external server, unrelated to the online casino where you choose to play in.

If you are aiming to win the progressive jackpot, it is important to know that while playing online poker, a large part of your stake contributes to the jackpot. 

It is almost impossible to win the progressive jackpot with a limited budget, therefore you should adjust your goal while playing accordingly.

Players must note that staking max bet as much as possible in an online poker game will not improve your chances of winning the progressive jackpot whatsoever.

Online poker games generally have a higher payout percentage than playing poker in real life. The difference in payout percentage can go as high as 10%.

Players that are picking a good online poker game to play should check out prominent online software providers such as Netent pokies and Quickspin. 

Practice is key to mastering poker games, be it online or offline. Players can actually practice without having to deposit real money as online casinos often provide free credits for their players.

Always pay attention to the rules of the games, often you will find the payout percentage and receivable bonuses stated there.

You will find that by betting the bonus in some online poker games, there is actually a possibility that the payout percentage will increase.

Online poker tournaments are usually free to participate. If you feel confident in your poker skills, why not try them out to earn a few extra bucks and free bonuses. 


Roulette Game Tips

You should not let your results from the past influence how you bet in a roulette game, this is known as the Gambler’s Fallacy.

Roulette Tables operate on Random Number Generators (RNGs), so it is entirely different from playing roulette in real life. Predictions are almost impossible. 

It is generally preferred to play European Roulette Tables instead of american ones because the house advantage in a European Roulette Table is lower.

Avoid playing exotic roulette variants because they, too, have a higher house advantage than normal ones.

The martingale system does not work at an online roulette table. In fact, no winning system exists in the online world of gambling.

If you are looking for a roulette table with the lowest house advantage, you should check out Roulette La Partage.


Blackjack Tips

Blackjack is one of the only live table games where the player has control and the power to influence the outcome of the game.

The main objective while playing blackjack is not to get as close a hand to 21 as possible. Rather, the player should only focus on winning the dealer’s hand. 

It is entirely possible to reduce the house advantage in a game of blackjack to as low as 0.5% if you are good at splitting, buying and doubling.

Players should not enter a game of blackjack without knowledge on basic strategizing in the game.

Buying insurance is not as good of an option as you think.

A good blackjack variant to play are the ones that pay 3:2.

Do not let other players intimidate you in game, focus on beating the dealer and the dealer alone.


Tips for Depositing Money

Always deposit using E-Wallet. It is the fastest and safest way.

Some online casinos have surcharges for depositing money with credit cards or a paysafecard. So make sure you read the terms and conditions carefully before depositing.

Players can also choose to deposit money via internet banking, similar to E-wallet, it is a fast and safe method as well.

Some online casinos that operate with Paypal offer free bonuses for their patrons for using paypal as a deposit method.

Set a deposit limit for yourself so that you do not easily go over budget while gaming.


Tips for Cashing Out

Verify your account before you attempt to cash out, this will make the cash out process faster and smoother.

An online casino that takes too much time just to cash out is not a reliable one, look for an online casino that allows an instant cash out process.

Utilize the withdrawal lock feature if the online casino offers it.

Withdrawal lock will prevent you from withdrawing unprocessed payments into your account. It is a useful tool to have.

By asking for a manual flush from an online casino, your deposit will be processed faster.

Pay close attention to the maximum payouts per transaction before you try to cash out. 

Do a trial cash out process before you try to get serious with the online casino and start playing with larger amounts of money.


Casino Bonus Tips

Do not fall for the welcoming bonus offered by an online casino, sometimes they come with strict terms and conditions.

If the bonus is very high, it usually comes with the worst payout conditions.

If the bonus comes with a turnover condition of more than 40x, it is virtually impossible to meet this condition. 

Pay close attention to whether a limit has been set for the winning amount achievable using bonus funds. 

Also pay close attention to whether a maximum bet per spin exists for applicants of a certain bonus. 

Online casinos have the right to confiscate your bonus funds and winnings if you fail to meet the prerequisite conditions stated in the terms and conditions.

Choose a poker game with high payout percentage and low variance to unlock the casino bonus.

Use your free spins in games that have the highest value.

If you find that the terms and conditions stated for a bonus are vague and unconvincing, it is best to avoid applying for said bonus.

Vague terms and conditions are usually a red flag for an online casino, it proves that the online casino is unreliable.

Do not apply for bonuses as soon as you join an online casino, try to play with your own money first to get used to the casino.

There are certain online casinos that require their players to play the bonus + deposit amount before being able to cash out.

Do not attempt to apply for a bonus if you find that you are not entitled to it.

Some online casinos have a loyalty system in which players can receive free spins and free giveaways, remember to claim them whenever possible.

If you have lost a lot of money to an online casino, it is possible to receive a bonus if you contact customer service.


Tips for Winning in an Online Casino


Bankroll Management is key in playing online casino games.

Set a target for yourself before you sit down at a table. The target should be as realistic as possible.

Plan your budget carefully before a game, not while gaming.

Choose games with a lower house advantage to have a higher chance of winning. 

Bet five credits per spin in a game of video poker for the highest payout percentage.

Cash out after you have reached the target which you have set. Do not get greedy.

Do not fall for gambler’s superstitions.

Avoid sucker bets, they usually come with a higher house advantage.

Determine your bet per spin based on the budget which you have set, do not go over budget under any circumstances.

Do not attempt to gamble if you are under the influence of alcohol or drugs.


Tips for Account and Security

Duplicate accounts are not allowed in any online casino.

If duplicate accounts are found, you will potentially get banned from the online casino. 

If you are found to be banned without a clear reason, contact customer service as soon as possible.

If you worry that an unintentional action you took might potentially get you banned, also contact customer service as soon as possible.

Online casinos determine duplicate accounts by examining your IP address, so make sure none of your roommates already have an account at the same online casino.

Provide your real information to the online casino in order to get verified.

Make sure that the online casino is legit before you provide your information for verification.

Never give the entirety of your credit card information to an online casino, under any circumstances.

Never tell anyone the password to your online casino account. 

Never send a copy of your passport to an online casino without checking the citizen service number first.

Internet watch dogs will alert you if an online casino has been spotted to conduct any suspicious activity.

Discussion forums are also a good source for players to exchange information about the security of online casinos.

If you have heard rumors about how an online casino is not secured, the rumors are probably true.

Abandon an online casino immediately if you are not confident that they can keep your information safe.

Report an online casino if you feel that your security is threatened.

Let other players know if you find out that an online casino is untrustworthy so that other players can avoid it too.

And the last tip for playing in an online casino would be the most important one, it is absolutely crucial that you..

Have fun in

We wish you good luck! 

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